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Thebes Archaeological Museum

It is included in the 3 top museums of Greece, along with that of the Acropolis and Delphi

It is a 34-minutes drive away.

Mycenaean palace of Thebes

The Mycenaean citadel of Thebes, Kadmeia, occupies the center of today’s city. It is built on a large hill, which despite the reconstruction still retains its original shape.

It is a 35-minutes drive away.

Oedipus’s Fountain

the Oedipus fountain (built in 1902), at the site of the ancient fountain. Here, according to mythology, Oedipus washed his hands after the murder of his father and king of Thebes Laius.

It is a 35-minutes drive away.

Oedipus chamber tombs

It is one of the largest known chambered tombs of the Mycenaean times. It was formed by the unification of two burial rooms that had been carved on the hill at different levels and with separate roads (access corridors).

It is a 35-minutes drive away.

Archaeological Museum of Chaeronia

The exhibits of the Museum are very important and include, among others, sculptures from Livadia and Chaeronia

It is a 64-minutes drive away.

Trophoni oracle

Livadia hosted on its territory one of the most important oracles of Greek antiquity, that of the hero, fortune teller and god Trophonius.

It is a 66-minutes drive away.

Monastery of Saint Luke

It is a 87-minutes drive away.

Archaeological site of Plataea

It is a 25-minutes drive away.

Cold Springs Livadia

It is a 65-minutes drive away.